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Community Of Practice

Experience Community of Practice

Experience Community of Practice

The IntelliBridge Experience Community of Practice (CoP) facilitates the collaboration and knowledge sharing between teammates, enabling them to exchange best practices, resources, and artifacts and work product.

Our objective is to empower and educate our colleagues through curated resources, while also promoting team maturation and continuing education. We document our approaches and methods of working successfully to create a learning repository that allows us to efficiently deliver new work and onboard new teammates with a minimal learning curve.

The Experience CoP serves as the hub for peer-to-peer interaction, knowledge dissemination, and innovative ideas within IntelliBridge’s Experience Studio.


Experience CoP Leadership

Our Experience CoP is co-lead by Russ Unger, Chief Experience Officer and Sydney Adams, UX Designer III. Together, Russ and Sydney structured the Experience CoP, drive the innovation and direction of the CoP, and currently manage and guide the leaders of each initiative within the CoP.

Initiatives within our Community of Practice

Our Community of Practice has four initiatives that provide growth opportunities in both knowledge and leadership for individuals and are each comprised of a subset of volunteer team members.

Our four initiatives focus on:

  • Design, Experience, and Content Standards – Providing resources to facilitate a shared understanding of the norms and expectations within our practice when it comes to working with clients on conducting research, delivering design and content solutions, and advocating for the foundations of user experience.
  • Experience Methods Wiki – Collecting a comprehensive set of research, content, strategic communications, UX, and UI methods that are commonly used in the industry. The Wiki aims to promote a shared understanding of each method, including examples of its implementation and references to relevant artifacts such as playbooks, guides, case studies, and past work submissions.
  • Experience Methods Artifacts – Establishing a standardized approach to playbooks, guides, and case studies to teach and showcase best practices and data-driven insights. These artifacts aim to examine and highlight the impact they bring to client engagements through focused and details exemplars as well as consistently deliver excellent customer experiences while fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.
  • Lunch and Learns – Providing a platform for an engaging and educational experience that empowers employees to share new knowledge, skills, and connections that will enhance their professional and personal lives. 

We additionally work with our Experience Studio (xStudio) to support the IntelliBridge Design System which builds upon the established principles and guidelines of effective product and web design. Our Design System facilitates consistent and efficient design practices across our teams by ensuring adherence to best-in-class accessibility and responsive design standards and by encouraging a design ethos grounded in the real-world needs of users.

The Design System encompasses a comprehensive set of UI components, design patterns, and guidelines which fosters a common–yet not prescriptive–visual language which allows teams to quickly engage in customer initiatives by reducing design and development overhead. It acts as a driving force for alignment and efficiency, transforming our approach to deliver successful, user-focused experiences in our engagements.

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