Intelligence & Mission Support

Stay Ahead of the Threat

IntelliBridge provides intelligence analysis and mission support for national security and law enforcement programs. Using an agile framework and advanced technologies, we deliver expert assessments along with data-driven and modernized solutions for our nation’s most critical initiatives.

Our approach leverages our skilled personnel and extensive corporate capabilities—combined with our insight into agency mission, culture, and technology environments—to provide you with exceptional value and performance to meet rapidly evolving priorities and needs.  

Intelligence Analysis & Operations Support

Our cleared and highly qualified analysts and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide accurate, timely, and actionable intelligence and technical support for mission-critical programs. We understand the data, systems, processes, and techniques needed to effectively support intelligence and law enforcement operations—from 24/7/365 identification of and response to real-time threats to ongoing protection of assets, infrastructure, and information. Our capabilities span multiple disciplines—including analysis of open-source intelligence (OSINT), social media, and financial activities—across multiple areas such as counterterrorism, counterintelligence, threat vetting, cyber-attacks, force protection, and criminal investigations. Tailored to an organization’s goals, our approach addresses the full security spectrum, from policy development to production of finished intelligence products, helping you achieve enterprise objectives. 

Mission Support

Applying our in-depth mission understanding, we deliver program, project, portfolio, business, and technical support to meet your operational needs and strategic goals. We focus on creating efficiencies across functional areas and enabling modernization. Our expertise includes Business Process Analysis (BPA) to streamline or automate legacy processes; policy development for highly sensitive programs; enterprise strategy development for cyber operations; financial planning, tracking, and reporting to provide better visibility into data; technical analyses to assess risk/success of proposed solutions; and solution development, including wireless technologies, to stay ahead of technical threats. By implementing standardization, modernization, and innovation, we provide you with cost savings, as well as increased productivity, accountability, and compliance. 

Key Services

  • Intelligence analysis—including OSINT & SIGINT 
  • Foreign investment analysis 
  • Threat assessment, analysis, & response 
  • Force & infrastructure protection 
  • Immigration vetting 
  • Victim support  
  • Language analysts 
  • Financial investigations—including money laundering & fraud 
  • Criminal investigations—including organized & transnational crime 
  • Gang intelligence 
  • Technical consulting & engineering 
  • Strategic planning  
  • Policy development 
  • Portfolio, program, and project management 
  • Business analysis 
  • Continuity of operations planning 

How Can We Help?

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