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Shawn Faunce – Principal Archirect

Mr. Faunce brings over 30 years of system development experience. He is instrumental in helping organizations at different levels and understanding of Agile delivery, adopt and implement Agile practices, develop an Agile mindset, and deliver valuable software. He is a sought-after delivery architect who engages with an organization’s most highly visible projects. Mr. Faunce excels at building and leading cross-functional teams towards a common vision.

In his current role, he blends decades of system development experience with the human element of coaching to produce valuable, impacting results. He applies his combination of experience, leadership, and empathy to grow and develop teams.Prior to Alethix, Mr. Faunce performed system development in both government (defense, civil) and commercial (telecommunications, aviation) sectors. He has decades of Oracle database experience reaching all the way back to 1993. He led his first Agile delivery in 2007 and has since become an Agile evangelist speaking at conferences, publishing viewpoints, and co-authored a magazine article on Agile within the DoD. A certified trainer with both ICAgile and the ScaledAgile Academy (SAFe), Mr. Faunce has certified hundreds of IT professionals in Agile delivery.Mr. Faunce is a decorated Gulf War veteran who holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from George Mason University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Physics from the United States Military Academy.